The Imitation Game

You may have noticed I’ve made a few changes around here. I’ve got out my duster, my hoover, my army of helpful woodland animals from a collection of Disney films I’ve never watched and done a clear out on this here Demented Squirrel. Same old story. I was getting tired of the old premade layout, so I changed it so it can rock a fresh new look for the rest of the summer. I need no excuses for a random theme change, right? It’s a little bare, you may think, but it’s because I’m word heavy now and focusing almost solely on the blog for a little while, as that seems to be the only bit of the site I have been maintaining.

Changing themes got me thinking about coding. The last time I actually coded was at an all night coding session with some very cool people I’m happy to call my friends, but this was months ago! Since languages seem to move so fast, I’m conscious that not getting involved in it is causing me to get seriously behind in all the antics. I suppose it’s actually happening to quite a few people because the medium we use for blogging is so widespread (*cough* WordPress *cough* blogspot *cough* tumblr) and they offer such premade services that you nearly never need to put fingers to keyboard. And I’d further my venture to say that it’s probably preventing an intake of new early age coders too. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it provides everyone with blogging facilities and the conversation that is blogging, but I can’t help feeling a little sad that the very services helping this move you away from the art of actually designing and manufacturing websites.

Side note: Every time I blog, somebody who lives near to me is always shouting at their kids, so I write away to the lulling sound of a child screaming and an adult shouting.

On the subject of coding, this october, it’s the BFI London Film Festival. Why is that related? Well, for the film savvy, the opener for the festival is “The Imitation Game”, a film about the famous computer scientist Alan Turing, who went through some seriously traumatic events for being gay. See wikipedia for clarity. I’m quite excited about this film because I remember seeing a BBC drama about him years back and it was very good (and… possibly… partly because Benedict Cumberbatch is lead in this film). That’ll kick off the entire festival of which I’m hoping I’ll be able to get tickets for a few of the events throughout the festival run. But I guess we’ll see- it would be the first big festival I’ve been to so I have no idea how it works; so I’m going to go with it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Check out the LFF website; credit to them for image.

I hope that I’ll be able to do some film making between now and the end of summer, but I’ve reached a real inspiration crisis and without inspiration, I feel like I’m being tossed around a washing machine with my ideas and my interests, so in the light of being so damned dizzy, I’ve not made anything yet. Does anyone have a magical cure for inspiration block? It doesn’t have to magical. It can just be good ol’ words of wisdom. Any advice for a distressed film maker? Or just tell me of your evil block experiences!

I’m off to Wales soon for 10 days, so my next post will likely be after I’m back, but as usual, I’ll be around on the interwebs if (for what reason, who knows?!) you require me. With the blog, I’m thinking about splitting categories and writing more specific posts, but it’s a work in progress. Here are three films I want to see+, or have seen and recommend* to you: Boyhood+, How To Train Your Dragon 2*, The Grand Budapest Hotel*. Perfect. Goodbye, people!

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