There are two things that are about this post. This will be the last time I blog from living in my childhood home with my family and a certain feline friend. And this is the first time I’m going to mention items of fashion in considerable detail in a post. So I’d call this a momentous blog. Really momentous. Note: It is long, but it’s mostly photographs! Also, sorry for the lag- I’d recommend letting the photos load before you scroll! On point 1, the action of moving out, I don’t think I even need to explain how nervous I...




I warned you, didn’t I? I told you I had Rotary Layout Syndrome, and did anybody listen? No. And now it’s happened again! Well, you’ve got your comeuppance! Here it is, yet another new theme! last one too plain. I get the feeling I’ve seen this theme on somebody else’s site (or maybe tumblr), so wanted to clarify that I’m not meaning to copy (sorry!)- if anything, you’re a subliminal trend setter. Edit: Turns out, Chynna is the victim of my crime! Everything is slowly getting sorted for my move to London, which is only a few weeks away now....


Pressure Point

As I walked into my old school library, my whole function turned to automatic, calculating the shortest route to the desk without meeting human contact. We kept the small talk small and I received my envelope in an increasingly violent, shaking hand. I passed some friends without saying hello in fear of drowning in a conversation of terror about what demons lied await for me under the glued flap. Inside, in the form of some Serif lettering, was the judgement of my future. And this was the moment where I would destroy the raising tension with a sharp rip and...


Half Way to Squishy Stuff

Good morrow, friends! After spending 10 days of virtual darkness- literally, virtual, in the sense of having no internet- in the neighbouring land of Wales, experiencing various adventures and finding a multitude of new things, I am back and ready to blog! The half way mark of summer holidays is about to hit. I am happy to say that I have, so far, had a more productive summer than last year, but it has been interestingly different, in a good way. When I was a kid, I filled all my summer months (and every other month, for that matter) with...