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What I Did On My Holidays

I feel like this may be a post that ends up being like one of those “essays” that teachers set you as a primary school kid after the summer holidays, so you’ll see me throw in some large adjectives just to try and prove I’ve matured a little (I haven’t)…. 

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Three Months of Beautiful Hay Fever

“FREEDOM!” I cry from my bedroom scarce of all of the books and papers it was cluttered with from the previous day. I have cleaned my whiteboard of its misery, piled up all of the exam papers for the bin and shoved my text books out of sight into the… 

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In Paris, I Became a Woman

Why haven’t you written a blog post since April, I hear you say (in my imagination, because I’m sure you don’t really care that much)? Well, I’m fully-fledged in my final school exams, those of which determine my suitability to going to the universities I have so chosen. I’m therefore… 

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Eclectic Mix of The Metamorphosis

What with approaching adulthood and all, I had a think about some of the art and literature related things that I believe had a hand in shaping or characterising my childhood – or rather coming of age period and identity blazoned with teenage angst- that I would heavily recommend to… 

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My name is Sophie Asia. I was born in the 90's, a dreamer. I speak English and code, and I write about it in notebooks which are stored on hard drives. In my possession is a canon camera that I use to capture moments. I express myself through the medium of music and literature, with a pen and a guitar. Anything I want to be heard, I say on this blog, appropriately named 'Demented Squirrel', which is handcrafted in Photoshop and Text Editors. In the future I want to be a physicist and a novelist.

Caught In A Net / Hayley
Invisible Child / Chynna