I mistakenly read “Kanye cancels the rest of his tour” as “Kanye cancels the rest of his life”.

I was toying with the idea of going to film school in America, and decided, reasonably last-minute, that $150,000 doesn’t really sound like value for money. It’s a grand step to finally acknowledge the existence of that deep and blinding uncertainty that encompasses the whole of life. I’ve opted instead to swim in the sea of freelancing in film and hope I can float for my time. Ultimate goal: direct a film. Goal right now: get through today.

And then there’s a Trump. Just another Donald-shaped rung to add to the rise of fascism in the West. Heavy? Heavy.

3 shows you should really consider watching:

1. Scream Queens

UK Channel 4
I only started on Season 2 and normally I can’t watch anything horror-based, but this is something else.

2. Mr Robot

Dare I say it, Amazon Prime
Shows like this always make me want to learn how to hack; then I quickly realise I’m freaked out by googling “how to hack” in case I get hacked.

3. Just Add Magic

Prime, again
Why? Why the hell not?

I’m currently doing a dissertation due in 2 weeks, editing a short film I shot for a playwright back in summer, doing a treatment for a science documentary also due for submission in January, and writing the script for a short film aiming for production next summer. I told you that because a) I’m talking to myself and b) it runs it home.

“It is never to late to be what you might have been”

– George Eliot