Is the point of sharing your opinions to ultimately change them?

I’m watching Feynman’s lectures on Quantum Electrodynamics, and I’ve found within them the same jarring quality that I’ve been hearing far too much lately. The phrase “Just accept it”. As if any posed hypothesis could simply be accepted under that pretence, mathematically or otherwise. I understand the possibility of a non-intuitiveness of nature’s behaviour, but I cannot stop questioning how far across the line we travel once we accept this abnormality of reason. Perhaps the only reason we require is mathematics, perhaps it’s egotistical to assume a rationality to the universe, but maybe I confess the fear of arriving so close to the departure of human rationality, of which is our only measuring device for the observables of our world. I cannot ‘accept it’ so simply. After such, what other points of previous contest would we then allow ourselves to re-examine less intuitively? But neither can I declare the experiments invalid or the numbers incomplete. So to have no understanding at all, conceptually or qualitatively, but a disturbing coherency of data, should it not scare anyone?

Hello, friend. Mr Robot is my new binge. It started me thinking how long it’s been since I tackled the art of finding a bug in a really meaty code.

The remakes are depressing me. The sequels are depressing me. Are we slipping into the void of assuming that the only method of making money is to make the same film twice? It’s not that they’re not entertaining, it’s that they still are. We’ve found a way of reproducing a version of quality without its fine art.

Just accept it, right? Just accept it.