My name is Sophie Asia. I was born in the 90s, a dreamer. I speak English and code, and I write about it in notebooks which are stored on hard drives.


In my possession is a canon camera that I use to capture moments. I express myself through the medium of music and literature, with a pen and a guitar. Anything I want to be heard, I say on this blog, appropriately named ‘Demented Squirrel’, which is handcrafted in Photoshop and Text Editors. In the future I want to be a physicist, a film maker and a novelist.

Demented Squirrel, itself.

Originally as a free graphic-resource website for other designers, Demented Squirrel formed on the 18th April 2009, after a lengthy history of one previous domain and multiple subdomains, namely, code-hotel and sparkgraphics. It now exists as a personal blog and portfolio. Hostmonster is host and WordPress provides the power. And you bring the rest!