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Why did you call it Demented Squirrel?
I had been thinking about names for several days previous, coming up with random combinations of words that fitted together, when I stumbled across the more common, more used one: demented squirrel. I was almost certain that this would already be taken, but when I did a domain check, it was as free as a bird. People seemed to like the sound to it – the randomness – so I went for it. You might say it suits my character, too.

Why do you not use celebrity images?
It is illegal to manipulate or edit images of famous persons, so I do not use any images of celebrities in my works. I much prefer to keep my content unrelated to celebrities anyway.

Can I advertise on the website? Is it free?
Yes! Take a look at the Advertising page where there’s information about all the plans involved. Most of these plans are completely free and make for great promotion of your website. There are a few rules and regulations to follow and I have the right to deny any applications, but there tends to be a wide range of options for webdesigners.

Can I order custom designs?
If you are a charitable organisation looking for custom design, then by all means, contact me. All custom designs for charities are free of charge. However, if you are commercial or it is for personal uses, then I am currently not accepting applications and there would be a fee involved. But I am happy to answer any inquiries.

What’s this website about?
Encase you hadn’t already gathered, it’s a graphics and resource website with a personal blog as well. That means I offer website-related things to other webdesigners. Things for Webdesigners Made by Webdesigners, if you like. For example, web page backgrounds, smileys for blogs; and tutorials about computers and programs. My personal blog is all about entertainment value and is more open to non-webdesigners. I also wish to showcase my work for anyone who is interested.

Do you enjoy it?
Yes, of course! Webdesign is one of my big passions in life. I love having a website: the responsibility of managing it and the discussion and involvement you have with the whole online community. It is a fantastic thing to do, and I’d recommend it to anyone!

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