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Most web designers will have a similar story to me. I started on Piczo because it was ‘the craze’ at that time. All my friends had a website on Piczo, so one of my best friends showed me how to set up an account. I started a personal website where I could connect to all my friends online. But as you know, crazes don’t last for long. Eventually, my friends moved on and no-one bothered updating any longer. However, I was still into the idea, so I continued on with it. Piczo was the place where I learnt HTML. HTML was given in boxes on those pages, but after investigating and getting inspired by all the other wonderful websites out there, I progressed. Now, I know HTML. Graphic design came soon after, leading me to start code-hotel (for html codes) and spark-graphics (for graphics).

Kantango I got as a birthday present. My dad saw how much web design meant to me and bought me a domain and a hosting package. It lasted for a while, until I wanted a better package.

Hello Demented Squirrel
The new host did not support domains so I had to decide on a new name for the site. After long hours of brainstorming, never did I suspect that I would go with something so…well…crazy. But, I liked the name…so here we are. I plan to keep Demented Squirrel running for a long time, but you never know what’s going to happen.

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