May you have the name of my school? NO!

Year 9
Class: E
Tutor: ? (codename)
Term: 2

Subjects ATM
English – brilliant
Maths – if i must
Chemistry – bang! *snores*
Biology – me likey
Physics – *ahem* if-ee
Spanish – muy bien
French – c’est ok
DT – AAAH! NOO! someone kill me.
Art – *sigh* okayish
Drama – blehh…no.
Sport – nah, not my thing.
Geography – *daydreaming* oh…okay.
History – err…
Skills – what is this? but yeah, it’s fun.
Music – good and bad.

Bad Stuff
Outdoor Experience
Field Day
Tarantula in Biology
Music Concert (we perform)
Main School Chapel

Good Stuff
Lunch Break
Optional Stuff (so I can say no if I want)

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