I design websites and graphics and I want to put that to your benefit. I am willing to make custom designs for you or your organisation. Take a look at what I can do for you…

For Charitable Organisations

This is an organisation deemed by British law as non-profitable, voluntary and philanthropic in every aspect. Please note that I have the right to turn down any organisation if I think it does not fit to that description.

I understand that there is a high need for a good website and good graphics in these times, so I offer these services completely free of charge. However, I hope to have co-operation during the process of making these designs and that’s all I ask.

So, what can I do for you? Depending on your wishes, I can make smaller graphics, including t-shirts, banners and posters; or I can design and code a full website layout in PHP or a theme for WordPress. Individual CSS codes can be written on request as well. Please note that none of these services include Website Management or set-up of the layout. For flexibility in designs, you are quite welcome – encouraged even – to provide some images that may be used, but they must belong to you. I take no responsibility for copyright issues there.

All works are produced by me, individually, and when finished, they will be zipped and emailed to the client (i.e. you). There will not be any real life or phone contact in this process. Therefore, I urge all potential clients to get into email contact with me so they know what’s happening.

Interested? Either navigate to the bottom of the page and request in the form. Or get in contact with me and clearly state your subject and we can discuss what you need and any questions you may have.

Charitable organisations may apply at any time, but it is not guaranteed that I will have enough time to start that project. Best Time: July – August. But don’t be put off asking.

Non-Charitable / Commercial Organisations/ Individual Use
For these type of custom designs, there will be a small fee, varying on what you want doing.
£5.00. Full Website Designs.
£1.00. Banners.
£2.00. T-shirts, Posters.
£3.00. Single CSS.
Please read the relevant bits below for further details on each.

See each feature in detail below and please read section that applies to you, as well as the ‘Image Laws’ section.

A Full Website
Involves the designing and the coding of a PHP/HTML layout or a WordPress Theme. Note that it does not involve management or installation of this work and it is your responsibility to check you have PHP and/or WordPress. No refunds are available. Before the work is coded, you, as the client, will be shown a ‘prototype’ designed on Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator to look as similar as possible to the layout you will be getting. At this point you can ask for a redesign or give the go-ahead. No extra charge for this. When the layout is completed, you will be emailed it as a zipped file and I will ask you to provide payment. If you try to avoid payment, this can be considered as an offence and you could be reported, but at the least, named and shamed.
CSS Designs
Simply involve the .css file which you can summon from your main layout. I do NOT design the main part of the layout, only the CSS (i.e. the colours and fonts of the page). You will receive it in a zipped file via email and will be asked to pay. Included will be a image preview of the different styles. Please do not be tempted to skip payment, as this could results in you being reported or named and shamed on the site.
Smaller designs
Cost less, but involve less. If I make a t-shirt design for you, it will not involve any printing. I will simply design a fitting rectangular HQ image and send it via email to you, where you will be asked to pay. If you are commercial, I can only do typography-style designs due to copyright laws on images. If you want a banner, again it will be an image sent via email. And for the poster, you may provide your own images. I take no responsibility for breach of copyright laws. Please don’t try to avoid payment as you may be reported or named and shamed.

I ask you to take a look at the following to be clear about the responsibility of images.

Image Laws
Commercial Organisations. I cannot use any images/photographs in designs due to copyright laws. However, typography-style designs are fine. If you wish to have images, you may provide some that belong to your company, but the responsibility lies with you. I take no responsibility for breach of copyright laws due to images you provide me.

Individual Use. You must NOT distribute or redistribute any designs made for you. This would count as a term violation. Individual Use only. I can use images provided by you in designs and I can design images myself under individual terms. I take no responsibility for breach of copyright laws due to distribution of my work.

Custom Designs of commercial and individual basis are currently closed.
Please note that I have the right to reject and accept who I choose.

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I take responsibility for images I provide.

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