Please read the following rules. It’s only short and will take up only a short time, ensuring everybody’s happy. Thank you.


  • All works are © to Soph @

  • They may not be re-distributed or edited unless stated otherwise.

  • Some graphics have exceptions (e.g brushes, button bases, etc) which may be used in the making of a graphic which can then, with credit required, be distributed to others (on a non-commercial basis only).

  • You must not claim any work made by Soph as your own nor rid of the credit text on a graphic, unless you have permission from her or it says otherwise on the page.

  • Please report if you see anything that seems distinctly familiar to a work by Demented Squirrel.

  • If these rules are broken, you could, at minimum, be put on the Wall Of Shame or, at worst, banned from the website all together and reported to the necessary authorities.

  • Thanks.

    Comments must not contain excessive swearing, nor racist/sexist comments. If this is seen, your comment will be edited or deleted based on the site admin’s judgement. It must not contain nasty comments that could cause offense to someone or adult content of any kind. No chainmail or spamming is tolerated. Please be warned that you could be banned from commenting if you repeatedly break these rules.

    If you would like to contact me about any of these rules or re-distributing any work, then my email address is or you can use the form. Thank you.

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