A very basic portfolio-style flickr website, which displays the 10 latest flickr photos from your account using flickr.com’s own badge. It features a fixed text profile on a single scrollable page, fully editable text within and fancy custom fonts. Simply enter your flickr ID as instructed on the file, and your photos will be shown with considerable style.

Features → Single-page PHP coded for ease of use.
→ 2 different stylish custom fonts directly integrated with theme.
→ Easy to implement flickr badge element to show flickr photos directly.
→ IE 8 fixed element fix to allow for fixed sidebar feature.
Known Issues Below IE 8 and older versions of Firefox unable to use custom fonts, so all fonts will be defaulted.
Implementation Please make sure to enter your flickr ID (which you can find here) in the way it explains in the theme files, or it will not work. If you are having problems, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Live Preview
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