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  • Premade Layouts.
    Downloadable premade and coded website layout designs which you can use for your website, coming in both WordPress (XHTML) and HTML formats.
  • Textures.
    A series of patterns and textures (from light to material) useful to create a unique effect to a webpage or graphic.
  • Photoshop Brushes.
    Sets of and singular brushes that can be loaded into most versions of Adobe Photoshop to be used in graphic design to create interesting effects.
  • Tutorials.
    How to’s, what (not) to’s and why to’s each put into articles written to help and guide you in computer and design.
  • Desktop Wallpaper.
    A selection of specifically designed, varying sized wallpapers to decorate your computer desktop.
  • Photoshop Actions.
    Preset steps to transform and enhance graphics and images digitally, great for photographers and recreational shots.
  • Smileys.
    Jazzing up blog posts and pages with little faces of emotion, suiting colour schemes to look their best.
  • Backgrounds.
    Adding a touch of decoration to your website using backgrounds; textured, colourful or patterned.
  • Icons & Avatars.
    The use of icons can decorate a web page or make a cool avatar for social networking sites.
  • Website Signs.
    Adding entrance and exit notices that will catch the eye and brighten pages or simply finding cool fonts.