These are some questions that I have answered in advance to help you with your inquiries.

You have stolen ________ off me!
I don’t steal anything off other sites, so I think you are mistaken, however I will still check just in case and if I do find anything, I will take it down immediately.

I saw ________ being offered on another persons site, is that allowed?
In most cases, if the website offering that work has not made contact with me in the first place, redistribution is against the rules and copyright. If you see this happening, please report it to me as soon as possible so I can contact this website and see what’s going on.

Ur syt suks m8!
I do not appreciate comments like this. I do not mind you criticizing my website, provided it is constructive and not too harsh. If you feel this way, tell me why and how my website can be improved. Also, please type properly (not in text language like ‘c u l8er’) so that everyone can understand you.

Can I request something?
You may request something by emailing me, however I cannot guarantee that I will make it for you. I am busy with other things and most custom graphics come at a price. I might make an exception if I am in a good mood though. I am more likely to say yes if it is something that I can offer to others as well as you (meaning not something with your name on it / not personalized).

What is the website actually for?
I use Demented Squirrel to give out graphics and resources, to help you with tutorials and as a personal blog and portfolio.

Can I join the staff?
I am not currently looking for any new staff and if I was, I would invite those who I know well and trust, so please, if I don’t know you well, don’t ask. If I know you, you could take your chances. 🙂

Why isn’t _______ working?
It isn’t working? I’ll sort it out straight away. (Please report to me if anything is not working)

Where can I contact you?
My email address is or there is always blog comments. Contact form here.

Have I missed anything? If so, comment below and ask yourself…

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