I have decided to write an article about Winter Blues with the intention of standing up for the beautiful season of Winter. People always blame winter for being miserable and lethargic, when that’s not the case.

Winter is often grey and dull, they say, but the only reason it is that way, other than the usual English weather, is that we make it so. I put on a green coat the other day and the person I was with suddenly said:
“You can’t wear that, you need a new coat.”
“Because it’s winter and you don’t see anyone walking round in a bright green coat.”

In my opinion, the best way to brighten something or someone up is by using colours. Imagine winter with everybody walking round in bright colours. I reckon it would be so much more…what’s the word?…happy.
What do you think? If you have the courage to stand out and be different, shouldn’t you wear these colours and provide winter with something to smile at?

Secondly, the winter blues can be easily avoided if people have a different frame of mind. I quote my Australian friend, Marcus, who came to England on a gap year, “Winter isn’t miserable, the people just think it is.”
So, to show you winter isn’t all bad, here is a few good points (or at least they are in my mind):

1) Snow – on lucky occasions we get soft white stuff all over the place. There a very few people who don’t like snow, especially for kids.

2) Christmas – a time for presents, family and food. Only scrooge hates Christmas. I understand the hate towards the constant playing of carols, but otherwise, even the adults who have forgotten the excitement can enjoy Christmas.

3) Photography – for those people who are interested in Photography, though photos are good all round if you look, winter provides some unique and original features waiting to be caught on camera.

The list could go on if chosen. There’s your key. Think of the good things, not the bad. Then if you ever feel down in Winter, just remember, it isn’t the ‘Winter Blues’, it’s just the ‘Blues’.

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