So, I have to admit to a little bit of bias here. This was the last cinema I went to before returning to work, and therefore it tasted sweeter than the rest already, but I will try to give it some general judgement that having been said.

Let’s talk actors. I’m not a huge fan of Jennifer Anniston because of how she plays so many of the same characters in a lot of the films she’s done. I don’t dislike her, but I like actresses with variation. Her character did show a small variation this time – the fact as you must of heard that she is a stripper, but it wasn’t overly different to usual; so I wouldn’t give any bonus on that front. However, I do like Will Poulter who you might know from Son of Rambow and I think in this film he did a superb job, despite the fact I didn’t feel the film really gave out a large acting range.

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The plot was amusing. I had little clue from the trailer about what it would be about, partly because I hadn’t paid much attention, but also because it didn’t reveal too much. It turns out that what I thought was an odd comedy about a family was in fact… an odd comedy about a family. But the family just happens to be fake, and smuggling drugs through the Mexican border whilst being chased by a Mexican gangster called Pablo. I enjoyed the surprise, I’m safe to say.

You might want to know about the jokes. All in all, it was quite lude; but not uncomfortably so. I’m a little averse to adult humour, but in actual fact, I thought it suited well. It fitted quite naturally, so apart from the odd moment – one in which I conveniently began a choking attack in the cinema quite unintentionally – it wasn’t too over the top, and it was actually quite funny. So that’s good, isn’t it? The jokes were funny. You can check that off your list.

It’s not a literary masterpiece, nor a unique cinematographic concept, nor the most hilarious thing you will ever see, but it is funny, it is enjoyable, and it is one to see. I would own it on DVD for that night in with friends where you just want to relax and watch something that’ll make you laugh.

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