I’m simply going to add that if you do learn or gain any benefit from these tutorials, that you credit this website. It will do me a world of favours! And note that you may write your own tutorials after learning, but please use your own words or ‘quote’ a tutorial with source links.

  • WordPress Tutorials
    Tips, tricks and walkthroughs on settings, management and everything else invovling WordPress Management System.
  • Coding Tutorials
    Struggling with learning code or just stuck on a line? These tutorials on HTML, CSS, PHP, etc may help.
  • Computer Tutorials
    From basic system preferences to tricky management: tutorials for both Mac OS and Windows.
  • Design Tutorials
    Working with a range of image editing software, from Photoshop to Paint, learn cool effects to photo enhancement.
  • Articles

  • 5 Gotta See Anyway Films
    These are the films that may or may not be the best, but they are definitely worth the watch.
    Category: Film
  • Level Up: ‘Getting Into Uni’ Pressure
    What are the questions going through a teenagers mind when university and major exams loom? Based on UK perspective; can be generalised.
    Category: Education

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