we come again
my door opened
disco floor awaits
those things you do
own way through

who is philosophie?

PhiloSophie is a musical group. Some songs may just be done by 1 person with some recording equipment, some with several different people. We enjoy making our songs because we love music.

how did it all start?

A while ago, I watched this film called August Rush, about a boy who is gifted in music. At one point in the film, he sat at the piano and started filling the music sheets with thousands of notes. He composed an epic tune in about a day. That inspired me to sit at my keyboard and, for the first time, try to compose my own tune. It all developed from there, I wrote more and more and my love for music became even stronger.

members of the group

Soph : group leader, composer, lead musician, lead singer
I do most of everythung, often working on my own, but sometimes I talk to my friends to give me some help with their instruments.

Hattie : saxophone, backing singer
She is one of the friends I asked once.

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